Sufiza Lifestyle

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About Us

“We AruKash Textile Pvt. Ltd. are excited to announce our newest fashion Brand with the name “Sufiza Lifestyle”. Our team has worked hard to create a collection that is sure to impress our clients. We can’t wait to see the reaction to our latest work.
“Sufiza Lifestyle, based in Lucknow, is a fashion brand that offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Our collection showcases the rich culture and heritage of Lucknow, infusing it with a modern twist. From hand-crafted sarees to intricate lucknawi embroidery, we bring you the finest fashion experience.

Our Vision

At Sufiza Lifestyle, our vision is to
become the leading brand in the
world of fashion, with a focus on
Chikankari, Lehengas, Kurtis, and
Gowns. We believe that fashion is an
expression of individuality and a form
of art, and we strive to create pieces
that embody both.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers
with exquisite and unique designs that
are crafted with the finest materials,
and to create a brand that is
synonymous with quality, luxury, and

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